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Quick start steps

Your site is a WordPress site and it’s already built. If you already have some basic WordPress skills you this will be a breeze! If not, don’t worry. It’s super simple and we’ve included all quick start info you need below – assuming no WordPress knowledge.
Insert your own logo
Go to admin dashboard > Divi > Theme Options > Logo (upload your logo)
Replace the content on the pages with your own
Go to admin dashboard > Pages > All pages > select the page you want to edit hover the mouse over the page title) > click edit then you will be able to use “The Divi Builder” to edit the content on the page.
Adjust the navigation menu as required
Go to admin dashboard > Appearance > Menus then:
– To change the menu order just drap and drop the menu items
– To remove a menu item, click the downward triangle on the right side of each menu item to open it then click on “remove”
– To change the name of a menu item, click the downward triangle on the right side of each menu item to open it then change the text under “navigation label”
– To add a new page to the menu, select the page from the page list under “Pages” > Add to menu > drag and drop as required.
General WordPress
If you are new to WordPress or was a quick a refresher, check out the videos available to you in your user panel: Dashboard > Video Tutorials.
Website Theme & Apps
For more tutorials about how to use specific apps in your website, check out the videos below:
Theme settings
Page / post editor:
Email marketing:
Social sharing:
Pay per view
Setting up your domain
Point your domain to your HollywoodFlow site:
  1. The location of your site is at this “IP address”
  2. The url of your will be like this:
  3. You need to point your domain to this IP address. This requires you to change your “A records” of your Domain to point this IP Address.
Use the guides below for instructions for popular domain registrars:
If your domain registrar is not listed or you are still having difficulties please contact your domain registrar and ask for their support.
We have more documentation, FAQ’s and video tutorials on the way.