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Not just big brands. Small brands too!
  • Product placement doesn’t just mean doing deals with corporations like BMW and Redbull. There’s a lot of small and medium size businesses that also want exposure for their products and services. Multiple small deals can add up to one big deal.
  • One successful deal could be the difference between making your film or not making your film.
  • “A penny saved is a penny earned”. In many cases you can do deal where the business or brand does not pay you but they do agree to allow you to use their product for free. This can save you money on the cost of buying or renting these products. They might let you use their location for free in return for showing their name and logo. If it’s a retail store, restaurant or other service business they might agree to make some employees available as extras – you get a location, ready made set, uniforms and extras. 
  • “Do one big deal or multiple small deals”. It takes a lot of energy to track down businesses and brands that might be interested in paying you to place their product in your film. This is the best way to get exposure to a large number of them with one listing and do many deals.
  • “Their waiting for you”. There are a lot of businesses and brands that want you to place their product in your film but they don’t know you exist. This is the simplest and most cost effective way to get in front of a large number of businesses and brands.
  • “Low cost” We get it. Every film budget is tight. You can start with a free trial so you have nothing to lose and you can cancel anytime. The cost is negligible compared to what you have to gain from listing your film – or lose by not listing your film. Check out the pricing here.
  • “Efficiency. Your time matters” We promote listings to businesses across the country so one listing puts you in front of a lot of businesses.