Your platform: It starts with your website

Pro Design

This site has been specifically created and customized for use by independent filmmakers to build their platform in the entertainment industry. And it starts the stunning design you need to show off your project – instantly.

Pro design is not optional – if you have a B grade website everyone assumes you have a B grade film. The same goes for not having a website. This hurts filmmakers with potential distributors as well people that might want to watch your film.

You get this exact website with all demo content instantly when you signup. Just cut out the demo content and replace it with with your own.

  • Use the powerful but simple page editor to adjust existing pages or create virtually any new design for unlimited pages.
  • Everything is based on WordPress so it will be easy to find people to help your to manage your site or, if you do it yourself, everything you learn can used in the WordPress world.

Pro Tools

This website also allows you to crowdfund your project, build interest in your film on social media, generate pay per view revenue when it’s finished – then rinse and repeat.

You have total control of everything. Build it once, benefit for ever.

  • Fast hosting without any extra hosting fees
  • Huge library of videos and other instructional materials